What is eWQMS?

Emanti Management's Water Quality Management System (eWQMS) can be used to guide the tracking, reviewing and improving of water quality.

As South Africa is a water scarce country, re-use of treated wastewater (which meets necessary quality and safety requirements) should be encouraged. Primarily wastewater reclamation and reuse provides additional water to augment scarce fresh water resources through replacing fresh water resources in various applications such as agricultural and landscape irrigation. In addition, water reclamation and reuse:

  • Provides environmental benefits through creation or enhancement of wetlands.
  • Provides water quality improvements.
  • Enhances water for stream habitats.
  • Reduces and prevents pollution of surface and groundwater sources.
  • Generates income generating business opportunities through aquaculture and water recreation projects.
  • Higher tourism receipts through eco-tourism.
  • Creates jobs for the communities.
  • Increases agricultural production from irrigation.
  • Saving of synthetic fertilizers in agricultural irrigation projects through the nutrient rich reclaimed water.

It is, however, of critical importance to ensure that the treated wastewater is of suitable quality for its intended re-use.