What is eWQMS?

Emanti Management's Water Quality Management System (eWQMS) can be used to guide the tracking, reviewing and improving of water quality.

As the appearance and taste of water may be misleading (i.e. the water could contain micro-organisms and dissolved substances which do not impair the aesthetic quality of the water), it is necessary to conduct an analysis of the water quality to determine its fitness for use. Analysis can be carried out either in the field (normally done by sampler using appropriate field test equipment and kits) or at a laboratory.

The various types of laboratories that are commonly used in South Africa to analyse water quality include:

  • Internal Laboratories - These laboratories are normally operated and maintained by the Water Service Authority. Large Water service Authorities (e.g. Metropolitan Municipalities) may have both laboratories at their Water/Wastewater Treatment Works and a central laboratory. Smaller Water Service Authorities usually only have basic laboratories at their Water/Wastewater Treatment Works (if any).

  • External Laboratories - These laboratories are those that are operated by external parties/Professional Service Providers. These include those laboratories operated and maintained by Water Boards (e.g. Rand Water), scientific bodies (e.g. CSIR) and other government departments (e.g. National Health Laboratory Service).

The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) gives formal recognition that Laboratories are competent to carry out specific laboratory tasks. External laboratories that are SANAS accredited have therefore satisfied specified criteria.

Further general information related to testing laboratories, Laboratory Information Management Systems and Standard Methods of Analysis can be accessed via the following links: